domenica 26 dicembre 2010

Frank Quitely 4 "Grant Morrison All Star"

Just a little (BIG!!!) thing to show you: one of my favourite artists EVER showing the worldwide sensational book I did the cover for
This has been the greatest xmas present for me!

Grazie ancora, Giovanni, Nicola e Antonio!

giovedì 9 settembre 2010

Grant Morrison All Star!

Cover for the book "Grant Morrison All Star", the most complete essay ever on the Scottish comic writer, by Agozzino, Solinas & Peruzzi. Ink on paper + digital colors, 2010.
Check out the book's official blog for the cover work in progress:

lunedì 12 luglio 2010

The Ultimate Judgement

A weird sci-fi short story I did for Mark Millar's Clint Mag contest. Ink on paper + digital colors, 2010.

mercoledì 30 giugno 2010


A little hommage to the wonderful art of Matteo De Longis ( for his "Mekaneko" contest. Ink + digital colors, 2010.

giovedì 3 giugno 2010

Ninja Hammer Monster Hunter!

Another (old) commission for Gabriele Dell'Otto, with "Ninjas from Ibiza" character (+ random monster...). Ink on paper, 2008.

venerdì 30 aprile 2010

Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits!

Pinup for the book "Garth Ennis: nessuna pietà agli eroi" ( publishing), inspired by the "Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits" saga. Ink + marker on paper, 2009.

venerdì 23 aprile 2010


Pinup for comic book "Dibbuk", by Andrea Cavaletto & Luca Maresca; marker + ink on paper, 2010.

mercoledì 31 marzo 2010

martedì 19 gennaio 2010